Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Style Queen Dream

Jewellery was BIG news this summer, but it’s always been big news in my life. An accessory addict and a complete magpie when it concerns sparkly things; an outfit is never complete to me without the bling. 

Just when I thought I couldn’t get enough of jewellery, my heart leapt when Style Queen, New York City’s hottest fashion jewellery brand, got in touch with me. I was soon drooling over their jewellery collections on their site: within no time.

If you’re a fellow fashionista, you’ll have no problem in finding exactly what you are looking for on Style Queen. Whether it’s for a summer holiday, your next night out or that event, they make it so easy for you to find whatever jewellery suits you through their 5 trend categories:-

'Dowtown Chic'    
'Glam Goddess' 
'Modern Boho'

Every single one of these collections enticed me if I’m honest, as Style Queen jewellery is right up my street! But I have to say, the Sophisticate range has to be my favourite. The jewellery in this collection is so clean cut, high fashion and great value for money, not to mention beautiful! Think designer, without the designer price tag!

I was lucky enough to receive the very chic: “silver multi snake chain necklace” $56 and also the beautiful yet simple: “simplicity cuff” $38, both from the Sophisticate range to review.

This necklace will go with everything from your summer maxi dress to your smart (but always chic) office wear. Pair it with a crisp white shirt, pencil skirt and sky high heels or achieve more of a goddess look with a long evening dress and loose, tousled hair. The limits are endless with a timeless piece like this.

The Simplicity cuff also compliments the multi snake chain necklace perfectly and can be worn with any outfit, with or without the necklace. If you’re more of a simple rather than statement kind of girl, this cuff is for you. It screams elegance without overpowering your outfit. Again, perfect to be worn at work, on a lunch date or at a refined event. See the looks I've created below to team with this sophisticated silver snake chain and simplicity cuff from Style Queen!

I haven’t stopped wearing my gorgeous cuff and necklace recently, but I can’t help lusting after some of the pieces in the other stylish collections too, here are some of the things on my Style Queen Wishlist, perhaps you will agree.... 

Remember me Bracelet $86 from the Glam Goddess collection

Frosted hoop earrings $44 from the Glam Goddess collection

Dunaway Bracelet $46 from the Sophisticate collection

Catroux ring $24 from the Sophisticate collection

Spiked out necklace $34 from the Downtown Chic collection

Lita earrings $24 from the Downtown Chic collection

Happy jewellery Hunting!

Miss V x

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Fierce Fight Back

It happens to the best of us in life; certain things can put you on a complete downer. It may be the smallest thing, but like a positive vibe from someone can put you in the best of moods, negative energy can have the opposite effect. Before you know it, other’s own insecurities and problems can be projected on to you in a negative way and in an attempt to make you feel as bad as they feel about themselves. Oddly, it seems to give them some strange self esteem boost but I prefer to lift my spirits in a different (more normal and moral) way, without taking people down along the way. Not my style, ya know? When times are hard and you’ve been put down for whatever reason hit back hard and make like Beyonce with some fierce fashion. In the words of Kanye... take this- Haters.

Check these baby’s out for some fierce fight back! Steve Madden has designed these unbelievable crazy Aztec print wedges and they are available exclusively in New Look! I think these will sell like hot cakes, similar to the in demand Versace for H and M line scenario, squished like sardines on Oxford street ring any bells? Yeh, you get the drift... However, you will be standing tall in these beauties and all those troubles will melt away when you see how long your legs look! These incredible shoes are worth queuing for, and I will be first in line!

I predict... a fierce fashion trend! This hand jewellery has entered our shops and will be everywhere by the summer. Although this trend isn’t for the faint hearted, those that like to push the boundaries with their style will love these. They come in all different kinds of designs but this one (see pic) from Miss Selfridge stood out from the rest. Team with an all black outfit and make your statement with this magical piece.

Feeling extra fiery? Now’s the time to finally get that colour dip dye you’ve been contemplating for so long. We’re not talking blonde... we’re talking blue! Perhaps there is a time and a place for this crazy hair trend but if you’re in any kind of fashion, beauty or entertainment business, you’ve got the perfect excuse to have this hairstyle whilst working anyway. So take the plunge, I’m loving the blue and pink on the tips of the hair, it’s got to be done properly and with this trend and the colour, less is more. But, do this right? And you’ll be looking like one fierce fashionista with guts aplenty. Knock em dead.

If all else fails, re-vamp your make-up look. The latest thing to experiment with in beauty at the moment are lip foils. Shine, brilliant colour and amplified volume for the lips all in one. Try the bright gold and look like a boss or go a shade cooler and more adventurous with blue or silver. These will be amazing for clubbing and you will not go un noticed. Most salons will apply them for you to try them, so go into your local one and see how you like them.

Hopefully this has lifted your spirits and given you a little fierce inspiration to keep you up there and on top of things. And if people try to crush your spirits again, squash them with your Steve Maddens! Positive vibes people!

Miss V x

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Spring Vibes

March is upon us and as far as I’m concerned, winter is over and we’re in the spring! I almost felt summery on 1st march as it was so sunny and warm, but one thing at a time, spring first!

Spring is great, daffodils, Easter... my birthday! and a chance to crawl out of hibernation and into the fresh air and blossoming trees. What a lovely picture I just painted... but really, you know what I’m going to be especially excited about, that’s right- the clothes!

I have to say, the spring trends in the shops at the moment are en point and have completely stolen the spotlight off the winter items. Dare I say it... these spring trends will emerge and survive throughout the summer too!

We’re seeing swathes of primary coloured fabrics. Royal blue, bright spring green (aptly named) and beautiful sunflower yellow. These colours are punchy and pretty at the same time. As if it couldn’t get any better, the shapes are feminine and very 50’s, perfect for girls with a shapely figure, and if not, they create a shapelier figure for you.

We’ve also got the pastels thrown into the mix, which again, I didn’t imagine choosing over the brights, but I have been won over. I’m in love with the minty green colour which is everywhere at the moment. Think delicate ice cream colours and afternoon teas and you will have the perfect palette and ambience set for the pastel trend this spring. Flirty, feminine floaty and fun are the words for Spring this year.

As if the above trends weren’t enough to feast your eyes on, the Versace-esque design has taken the shops by storm and is another thing on my wish list. You will find this print in leggings, dresses, bags and even shoes; so you won't have to look far to get hold of this trend in some shape or form.

Here are the pick of the best essentials for the spring season and maybe one or two of them are my latest personal purchases I couldn’t resist... My Spring mood board (below) will give you an idea of the colours and essential items that are in this season.

The good news is, is that this time around, look no further than the high street for these steals. H and M, New Look and even Primark are filled with the latest quality spring trends for great prices. The new trends have definitely brought back the excitement into shopping again that seemed to be lacking during the winter, and pretty is back. Women can look like women again (thank god) and ditch the masculine teddy boy look. Bring on the Spring Vibes!

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

* It's a Winter ting *

Yes, it’s rare that I say I’ve got that winter feeling as opposed to summer as most people know I crave the sun, especially during these dank, gloomy months. But they don’t have to be gloomy! All you have to do is embrace all the good things about winter. I know I say it every year, but the little exciting new beauty buys and new looks hot off the catwalk that enter our shops really drag you out of that doom and gloom. Apart from crispy sunny mornings, snow, log fires, roast dinners, too many cups of tea and all the other simple winter comforts, my saviour in this bleak weather is FASHION! Oh and reminding myself that summer is not far away, well- not that far away.

These are my winter warmers this year:-

~ Mint green dream ~

Mint green has gotta be the freshest colour out there at the moment and its gonna be BIG for spring. Pastels are fresh off the catwalk this season, along with block bold colours and this
particular shade of green is set to be swarming the
shops. Designed to bring you out of the winter blues and straight into that spring vibe, this colour will have you perked up in no time. Wear with white for a clean and sprightly day look or team with black for a sophisticated look with an edge.

~ Tiffany blue delight ~

As we know, this colour was big last year too but this season it’s gone a dash bluer and it’s still right on the money. It’s less tame than taupe but still ultra chic. Not too bright for winter but still has that subtle colour that lifts your spirits. Looks good on pale skin but amazing with a tan! (if you’re lucky enough to have a tan in winter that is!) Add that sparkling ring and you’ll be talk of the town in an instant.

~ Orchid inspiration ~

I love experimenting with colour, especially when it comes to makeup. So I had a thrill when MAC released a range of purple lipsticks onto their shelves in January. Although I was tempted by the brilliant bold shade of purple, the spotlight was suddenly stolen by a divine sheen supreme lipstick. Appropiately named “Asian flower” this beautiful orchid coloured rarity is a combination of a lipstick and a gloss. It feels great on, creates a lovely sheen and the colour is eyegasmic. Limited edition though so get it before it goes!

~ Fur waistcoat fever ~

I’ve never been a massive fan of waistcoats, but these wi
nter, wooly ones have changed my mind. They’re right on trend, really warm and don’t dominate a whole outfit, so that new top you love can be on display at the same time, not covered up by a cardy. This is normally the reason I prefer summer for fashion in general because winter means covering up a perfectly good outfit with big fat jumpers.... it’s probably a sign I should invest in a better winter wardrobe and stop buying bikinis!

~ Parka insania ~

This coat actually makes me excited about winter coz its so damn cool. Ok maybe I’m a little over excited, but it is cool, you can’t escape that. It’s casual, street and warm at the same time. It’s probably worth investing in a good one to last you a few years but you’ll be the one looking good this winter and not freezing at the same time.

~ Winter warmers ~

These little beauties come in handy with everything from driving on cold mornings (especially scraping the ice off the car!) to doing the everyday things you want to do with gloves on- but can’t. They keep your hand warm but you are free to do pretty much anything you like in them... you can even paint your nails with them on- now that’s a first!

~ Tantalizing Tribal ~

Tribal is everywhere again and fortunately- I LOVE this trend. The colour, the un usual element to the trend and the mad, crazy fun designs! It’s said that this summer’s fashion is gonna be very Rihanna inspired (works for me!), focusing on the tribal look that she worked so well in her “What’s my name” video. I think we’ll also see, consequently, an 80s spin on fashion too and most likely a combination of the two. Remind yourself of these two styles being combined and check out Rihanna’s style. Even though our summer will be dominated by this trend this year, it’s already hit the stores nationwide. Be on the lookout for rebellious prints and feather elements: Republic has already decked out their store with tribal.

~ Dolce and Gabbanna scarf mania! ~

One of my favourite designers, the fabulous Dolce and Gabbanna have created a n elaborate, out there look with scarves this season. You’ll see they are using scarves on pretty much anything they can: shoes, dresses, skirts and tops! Personally, I want a pair of these shoes, totally yum for summer.

Yes, I keep visualising all these looks in the summer, it’s automatic to me! But, the point is, these looks are here now, in the winter and they are so good they may well last till the summer. Don’t wait till summer to experiment with colour, do it now. And winter fashion doesn’t have to be ho hum, as I’ve learnt. It’s what you make of it and with these trends you will definitely be embracing the chilly season!

Happy new year fashionistas,

Miss V x

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Zumba your way fit!

So 2011 is upon us, and as usual, as the New Year came around, I made a few New Year’s resolutions. One of which, crops up every year- “Get fit”. It’s more like keep fit really because I wouldn’t say I’m unfit, but things have changed since being at school.

At school I took for granted how much exercise we were made to do. We’d have P.E twice a week as well as compulsory after school sports pretty much every day; so we’d kept fit without even realising it. Now however, I have to make the effort myself and when you’re busy, it’s hard to fit it in...Or it just gets put off! Sometimes I wish I still had someone making me do the exercise!

It’s not like I didn’t enjoy the exercise, but it was easier back then because we had to do it, now you have to motivate yourself and make it part of your schedule; rather than it being in it already.

Plus the fact I miss the benefits of exercise, it makes you feel good, you get fitter and not forgetting- it’s a stress buster.

So this is the year I decided to go ahead and stick to my new year’s resolution- to keep up the exercise regularly, as opposed to the odd jog now and again. It could only benefit me right? I thought, I if I don’t do it now, when will I ever do it?

So it was settled, I was to make exercise a key part of my lifestyle again and I was determined to do it whilst I was motivated to do it.

I discovered a few of my friends felt the same so I rounded up the troops and we put a fitness plan in to place. We decided that we’d have to keep up the exercise at least once a week, whatever it was.

I was tempted to join the gym properly, I’d always gone there on and off at home but since I am in Southampton most of the time because of Uni, there didn’t seem much point in joining it when I wouldn’t be there for the whole year. Plus it’s expensive and as a humble student these days, I have to save the pennies.

I was always interested in joining a new class though, so when one of my friends recommended Zumba, I was intrigued...

I had heard that Zumba was the up and coming exercise of the moment and that it was fun too, so what better class to join?!

I had no idea what it was exactly though but I soon found out it was a mixture of Latin dance and various other dance moves combined with aerobics using Latin and international music. Apparently, it originated from an aerobics dancer, when he forgot his usual music and ended up using the only music he had with him for his class- Latin. He then added a few new moves in and voila!

I didn’t really know what to expect and as we began our first class, and we began slowly swaying to Latin music, I started to think that we’d never get a full on workout out of this. But then the pace picked up and oh how I was proved wrong.
Before we knew it, we were doing high leg kicks, hip winding, fast paced dancing steps and a whole load of booty shaking too!

It really did have every type of dance move in it and once you get past the point of caring what you look like doing some of the unusual moves, you can really get into it and you end up working up a sweat! Our class is made up of all ages too and it’s always full, my friends and I are the youngest there but we’re not the only ones doing the body shaking!

I’m on my third class now and it never fails to give me a challenge when it comes to fitness, plus I enjoy it and it doesn’t necessarily feel like exercise, it’s more like dancing. Be warned though, you will ache the next day, at least after the first session, its powerful stuff!

I would recommend it to anyone, that’s if you haven’t heard about it already, because it seems to be taking the world by storm at the moment! So if you’re looking for something different that still pushes you, go for Zumba. You may even enjoy yourself whilst you’re at it too... I’d be surprised if you didn’t!

Miss V x

Tuesday, 28 December 2010


New years eve is nearly upon us again. It's time to dig out that dress (or just buy a new one) and get your party on! But there is one thing you can't go without this NYE and that is perfectly manicured party nails!

If this new animal print trend is anything to go by then I have a treat in store for you. Barry M, the renowned cosmetics compay, has now created the ultimate triumph in nail varnishes and have brought you the "cracking" nail varnish.

I managed to get hold of the high demand nail vanish and created a party look for you all. So what do I mean by cracking you might ask...? Find out in my how to get NYE party nails below:-

Step one: Make sure you have clean hands to start with and clean nails. Moisturise hands and nails using a rich hand cream, try either a sanctury or a neutrogena hand moisturiser.

Step two: Push back all the cuticles and file nails into a square oval shape. However, if you want to try something different, go a bit more edgy, Rihanna style and make your nails more pointed. Not razor sharp though- we're thinking sexy here not scary.

Step three: Once you have moisturised and filed your nails, you are ready to go. This look does work best on longer nails with larger surface area because there is so much going on on the nails; but you can always buy fake nails and paint on the design on them too!

Step four: Paint on a thick coat of silver nail varnish. I've gone for silver because metallics always scream party! Gold works just as well though, however silver is more NYE I feel and gold is more christmassy. Anyway, once that has dried, paint on another coat, you want it to be opaque and not sheer.

Step five: Once the silver coat has dried, you are ready to use the Barry M black cracking nail varnish. When you buy it, you know its the right one becasue it has a tag around it showing the effect it gives you, but apart from that, it just looks like black nail varnish.

Step Six: Paint on a thin coat of Barry M cracking varnish over the silver layer, making sure you cover all of the nail. Try not to apply two coats otherwise the cracking process won't work as well. Then within seconds, voila! You should have the perfect print on your nails. It should create an animal print effect, revealing most of the silver underneath!

Step seven: Put on that LBD and work your NYE nails!

Festive wishes from Miss V and a happy New Year! x

Photography and nail art by Miss V. (Vivacious V copyright)

Friday, 17 December 2010

Burlesque rocks! ♥

It has been named the ultimate art of undressing, others may name it the most exotic form of dance, whatever you may call it- Burlesque is back!

The term burlesque originally came from the spanish word: "burla" meaning: "joke". Italians adapted it to "burlesco" and then the french word "burlesque" was developed and kept. It was not until the 18th century that Burlesque became a term used throughout Europe to describe a production that combined both musical and comical elements.

Burlesque first became risqué in london when women would play and dress up as the male roles for comedic value and entertainment- this was obviously something unheard of at the time.

Then, the Moulin Rouge incorporated strip tease into their burlesque shows and this is how it has developed up until today. It was infact, the Americans that gave it the main association with stripping.

Yet this form of stripping, if one could even call it that, was done in a classy and tasteful way. Women would not take all their clothes off completely and it was not about seeing women naked, it was all about the show. Glitz and glamour filled the atmosphere during these shows and the sparkly outfits and underwear would be the main attraction. Feathers, diamontes and dazzling makeup would make for a stunning show.

Somehow burlesque managed to escape the gritty reputations with that of stripping and glamour modelling. It remained a risqué art, yet as I said before, it was still respected. Of course, there will always be people that turn their noses up at the art. Nowadays however, women are openly embracing their sexuality and femininity, making them more powerful than ever.

So it is no surprise that Burlesque is making a comeback!

I was lucky enough to go to a burlesque show as an alternative night out back in the summer; at the Gypsy Hotel, a bar famous for it's unique gigs. I didn't know what to expect but I have to say it is the furthest from sleazy that you can get. The difference between stripping and burlesque is that there is a grand air of mystery to Burlesque. It is not about what is underneath the clothes it is the process of the revealing. Burlesque, unlike stripping, was not designed for men's pleasure, if anything, it empowers women.

The outfits are visually amazing for both men and women. Girls that love glamour will be captivated by the clothes and all the razzle dazzle that comes with them. The unfurling of clothes makes you wonder what amazing garment is under the next one. And as if the outfits were not impressive enough, the magical element in a lot of the shows will fascinate you.

I witnessed an awe-inspiring show with fire breathing! It was really impressive and definitely adds a touch of drama to the performances.

After all, these shows always did have a dramatic element to them and started off in theatres all around the world. These burlesque performers are not mere strippers, they are talented performers. And yes there is a very clear difference between the two; another difference being that it is all about the tease, not the strip, revealing that intelligence is behind this art.

The choreography is yet another element that proves that there is hard work and intelligence behind this art. All the burlesque performers are extremely flexible and work very hard to maintain their shape.

Another fantastic thing about Burlesque dancers is that they are women with real figures. By real I mean curvaceous and confident without indications of having starved themselves- because after all, that is typically the most attractive way to be.

They are slim and toned but with true female figures such as that of Marilyn Monroe's hourglass shape. And maybe by Burlesque coming back into fashion, women can be portrayed in a different, more positive way as opposed to that of some of the anorexic models on the catwalks these days.

Surely, if anything, they are better role models to girls and women? They are powerful, alluring and attractive, not to mention independent.

Anyway, I'm sure you will all be aware of the new "Burlesque" film coming out starring Christina Aguilera and Cher. This looks set to be a good one but let’s hope that it doesn't put the art of Burlesque under a bad light in terms of the dancing and the outfits (Christina’s ‘Dirrty’ video is not what it should resemble!) Let’s hope that it emulates the Glamour and talent that is involved in Burlesque.

And if my opinion is anything to go by, I will always maintain that Burlesque is an impressive and empowering art. C’mon girls, make like Dita Von Teese and viva la Burlesque!

Miss V x