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A budding Fashion journalist and stylist, it must come as no surprise to you that I love fashion with a capital L. If you share the same passion then this page has a lot to offer; info on the latest trends and designers, top news in the world of fashion, who's got it and who's not quite it, style to die for and fashion favourites...It's all here people enjoy x

Nail design, Painting and Photography by Miss V
(Vivacious V blog copyright)
Nailrama- Get the YSL nail look- My style!!

I’ve been dying to try out the new nail tip trend. I noticed in a magazine the other day that Yves Saint Laurent had done purple nails with blue tips. I love trying out things like this so I decided to give it a go myself. I got my mum to step in to be my hand model since her nails are naturally long and amazing and I decided to try the look using pink and orange nail varnish instead of blue and purple!

Nail design, painting and Photography
by Miss V (Vivacious V blog copyright)
I thought these colours are more summery and there’s always winter to try out purple and blue!

So here it is, step by step, how to achieve multi-tonal YSL nails, My style:-

Step 1: Make sure hands are clean and free of nail varnish. Then, buff and file your nails and shape them to an oval square shape. The nails don’t have to be really long but long enough to paint the orange tip at the end. Once you are satisfied with the shape and smoothness of your nails, proceed to step 2!

Step 2: Moisturise hands and nails using a deep moisturiser. I used Dr. Organic 100% Organic Manuka Honey hand and nail cream (Active 30+). It contains olive oil and vitamin E- two key moisturising components for the skin. Manuka honey is also renowned for its skin renewing and repairing properties. Massage it in for best results.

Step 3: Now you are ready to get painting! Make sure all the cuticles are pushed back and wipe away any excess moisturiser on the nails. Then get your pink nail varnish and paint on one coat. You can choose any colours you want but I used Barry M pink nail varnish in Fuchsia (number 302).

Step 4: Once the pink layer is dry, you are ready to paint on your orange tips, unless you feel you need another coat, but I found one coat was fine. I did my orange tips free hand but if your hand’s not so steady; you can buy the guide strips to stick on to get the perfect line, from either boots or Superdrug.

Step 5: When painting on the orange tips, follow the shape of your nails and make a half moon shape rather than painting straight across, it looks more realistic.

Step 6: Once your tips are dry and you are happy with the way your nails look, paint on a clear top coat for added shine and chip resistance.

Now go flaunt your new gorgeous nails!

Miss V x

Summer Lovin' 

Summer is here at last! For me it's the best season of the year- a chance to wear gorgeous clothes and accessories without covering up.  So it's time to get some summer essentials in order. Whether it be for your holiday, travelling around the world, sunbathing in the park, a garden or pool party or just to chill in your back garden. V has got some treats in store for you that give you summer style without breaking the bank!

The White Bikini

I am loving the white bikini this year, it's a classic for every year but
it always sets off your tan amazingly! The James Bond one in particular
has a really nice shape to it, white bikinis are available in most fashion retailers,
but before you buy- make sure it's lined- wet white bikinis = see through!

Coloured Sunglasses

Inject some more colour into your summer with some brightly
coloured sunglasses, these Ray Ban ones above suit most
face shapes, set off a tan and not to mention oooze cool.

Butterfly Clutch Bag
This beautiful Butterfly Clutch from Accessorize is the perfect bag
to take with you on a summers evening. Pair it with a summer dress,
the maxi dress this summer is right on trend; and with all the sequins,
this bag can count for jewellery too!

Bright blue nail varnish!

Summer is all about having fun and since the sun is out, embrace the bright colours,
there is always winter to rock blacks and neutrals, go bold bright for summer.
This Barry M blue nail varnish is about as bright as you can get or you could
always go for yellow or green!

The Headband
The seventies inspired headband is a trend that'll work for you
this summer. Tied over or under hair, across the forehead, the headband
gives you summer hippy chic in an instant. Go for sparkle like Nicole Richie or even bright feathers for a beachy vibe.

Lips that go POP!
Want lips like candy this summer? Take a visit to M.A.C- it's the perfect place
to find a wide range of shades and glosses. Be brave and go for gold like Kesha
or make your lips come alive with a shocking pink shade!

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