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Jacob Bryan sporting his best selling hoody.
Miss V meets: Jacob Bryan from Baby Official clothing line.

29th August 2010

My first interview on Vivacious V is with Jacob Bryan, founder of Baby Official. Baby Official is first and foremost an urban, street- style clothing line aimed at the young style conscious of today. However, Jacob talks to me about his hopes and dreams of expanding the brand to the entertainment and music world. I came across his brand on twitter and admired his collection so wanted to find out where it all began...

Baby Official T-shirt.
Miss V: So for anyone that doesn’t know, what is Baby Official?

Jacob: Baby Official is a way of life. It’s a clothing line/ Brand destined to take over the planet which is run and was founded by myself Jacob Bryan.

Miss V: Describe the Baby Official style in three words...

Jacob: Vibrant, Exciting & Fun.

Miss V: Why did you choose the name Baby Official?

Jacob: A Baby is always seen as innocent and pure, it’s a sort of stereotype but I think there's a bit more to it. A baby is the beginning of something like
where something starts as the originator. Official is just making sure
everyone is aware that we are real and not to expect anything fake from us.
We are a movement which is one of a kind as so many things around us
inspire us and we try to incorporate that in our designs. We are just trying to
make everything official.

Miss V: What would you like to achieve in ten years time?

Jacob: In 10 Years I would like us to be playing a major part in the upbringing of UK urban fashion to the lime light; expanding into Music and Entertainment world wide. Baby Official Movies, Baby Official Toys, Baby Official Record label, Baby Official charities, Baby Official play centres etc... The list is endless! There’s a plan in place and were trying to stick to it!

Miss V: How did you set up the business?

Jacob: It all started from an idea, to a sketch, to an email, to a logo being designed...
then on to a business plan! Those were the actual steps taken and we are
still at every early stages of the business! In our case it was all about
saving and spending well (when needed) and getting our finances right.

It’s a very competitive market and the recession doesn’t help so we had to be
very smart when setting up the business. Mistakes will be made but it’s
important that we learn from them, allowing growth into a successful business.
There’s so much to learn- especially in this fashion game! It’s like a never
ending learning experience which we aim to take in our stride and manage.

Miss V: How would you describe the style of Baby Official and who is your target audience?

Jacob: I would describe our style as Funky, Urban, with a dash of retro in the
mix. Our target audience ranges from 12 - 29 year olds who have an eye for unique designs and want to feel like a part of a movement. If you’re into Grime, Dubstep or Indie, I’m sure you will also fall into our target audience bracket. We are heavily influenced by the world we live in today. It’s not a
pretty place and we plan on showing people that via our designs. We aim to
target opened minded, trendy Fashionstas!

Miss V: Which piece from your collection would you recommend as the best to your customers and what should they look out for?

Jacob: Our Grey hoody is currently our top seller! Orders have come in from all
over Europe and it’s a firm fan favourite, especially with the ladies. Our new
black autumn 2010 sweater is also causing some havoc so look out for it
along with some exclusive new ladies’ designs coming out for autumn!

Miss V: What influences and inspires you when designing your clothes?

Jacob: Influences come from everywhere! I can be watching a music video on MTV or
walking to the local shops and either a situation or person will completely
inspire to create something! If I’m designing something, I want people to
remember it or at least be able to describe it to another person down to
small details. Leaving an impression is very important! Attention to detail
goes along way I’ve learnt.

Miss V: Who are your style icons?

Jacob: Kanye West, Pharrell Williams, Jay Z and Andre3000 all come to mind.

Miss V: If you could have anyone that would wear your clothes who would it be?

Jacob: In terms of marketing, I would say Justin Bieber but other than that- Jay Z
wearing our hoody would be immense!

Miss V: What can we look forward to seeing at Baby Official in the future?

Jacob: Lots of different designs and collections which will surprise a lot of
people, Collaborations, Music Management and a few parties!

Miss V: Where do you sell your clothes?

Jacob: Clothes can be brought directly from or you
can also browse around my blog for exclusives or the latest news on
releases and discount codes at:

Miss V: Are your clothes student friendly?

Jacob: Yeah I definitely think about Students because, hey, in some aspects they are the future! Prices are reasonable and quality is good so it’s a win situation
for everybody, including students!

"Thanks for the interview!"-
Baby Official.

Thank you Jacob, I'm a big fan of urban street style, I'll be keeping an eye out for Baby Official and best of luck!

Miss V x

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