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Hot right now 

Here a some of the things I'm liking right now that are emerging in fashion and music that I predict are gonna be BIG.

"I'm loving this twilight"... Cover Drive!
The hottest music talent coming from Barbados right now other than Rihanna? I give you Cover Drive. They first hit the charts with their track "Lick Ya down" and now the tune that I've got on repeat on my iPod is their second single Twilight. Their songs are upbeat, edgy and mix modern beats with Caribbean authenticity. What's better is that they have picked London as their base for breaking out onto the music scene. Britain, feel privileged because I think they are gonna be BIG BIG BIG!

Follow the link and check out their recent song "Twilight" here ------>

Ne-Yo-tastic continued as promised...

Above Ne-yo trying to woo his supervillain love interest!
I expect you have all been waiting for the latest Ne-Yo video that continues on from his last hit: "Beautiful Monster". Well as promised, I have found it for you all. In his new hit- "One in a million", it appears that his new love interest just happens to be the female supervillain that he was fighting off in his last video!

Enjoy... it's another major hit and I love it!
Miss V x

Follow the link to watch the video, Vevo won't let you watch videos anywhere else apart from youtube unfortunately but its worth the watch!


Ne-yo fans might be interested to know about his latest music video project. I'm a big fan of Ne-yo, not only is he a talented singer but he is also a brilliant songwriter and producer. He also seems like a genuinely nice guy. When I heard him on the radio the other day (kiss 100 of course), he announced that he had wished to make a film featuring songs from his latest album: Libra scale.

However, due to not have the time to take on such a massive project, he is now putting his acting skills into his music videos. He explained: "Every music video for this album (Libra Scale) will lead on from the next one telling a story". Well if his video to his new song: Beautiful Monster is where it all begins, I'm excited to see where it all leads.

The Beautiful Monster video features Ne-yo playing a super hero with super strengths fighting off the latest villain that is trying to take over the world- the usual, you know.

I've got my eyes out for his next song!

Ne-yo fighting off villains in his new music video: Beautiful Monster.

Bet you didn't know...

Ne-yo fact #1: Ne-yo was a songwriter before he got his big break and started singing his own songs. He sold a lot of his songs to other stars to sing before he became a star himself.

Ne-yo fact #2: He is actually responsible for writing a lot of hit songs such as Rihanna's Unfaithful, Beyonce's Irraplaceable as well as writing songs for Mary J blige, Whitney Houston, Enrique Iglesias and Ciara among many others.

Ne-yo Fact #3: He featured in two dance films: Save the last dance two and Stomp the Yard.

Ne-yo Fact #4: Have you noticed that you never catch the artist without a hat? Ne-yo developed alopecia at a young age and ever since has adopted wearing hats as part of his cool style. He is now known for his hats and has made it is trademark.

Miss V x

Mini Madonna has Lourdes to offer
Madonna and her daughter Lourdes

Now not so long ago Madonna stated that she wanted to do anything she could to protect her children from the media, even going so far as to ban Lourdes from watching the “poison” that is T.V.

Now however, we find Lourdes is in the media spotlight and all at the age of 13 after she released her first clothing line, appropriately named: “Material Girl” and all with the help of mummy.

The clothing line consists of mini skirts, studded boots and features Gossip Girl star: Taylor Momsen as the new face of the collection. The collection was supposedly influenced by Lourdes’(commonly know as Lola) fashion sense and personal style but I can’t help thinking Madonna had something to do with the designs in the collection.

And- if this is the case, what is she thinking launching a collection for 13 year old girls that consists of mini skirts, studded boots and other items of the like. So much for protecting her little girl from the brash eye of the media- Lola is in it now and is not likely to go out of it anytime soon- but is this a good idea at such a young age? Look at the likes of Li-lo and Britney and then come back to me with your answer.

And you only have to take one look at the image they are sending out to young teenage girls by taking a look at Taylor Momsen, the star is not only known for being in gossip girl but also for being the lead singer in rock band- The Pretty Reckless. Her signature look being- stockings and suspenders with smudged black panda eyes. Totally fitting for a rock band, but as a role model for younger girls? Really?

Not everyone has a clothing line handed to them on a plate like Lola but I don’t think Madonna really thought it through about the image she is sending off to 13 year old girls, especially putting her 13 year old daughter at the forefront of it all.

Check out Taylor Momsen in her new video for: “Miss nothing” by The Pretty Reckless, do you think this is the right image for 13 year old girls to aspire to, whether they are in the spotlight or not?

Take a look!

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Black Swan

Check out this massive make-up transformation on Natalie Portman for her new role in "Black Swan". The actress stars as a ballerina in New York who competes to be the prima ballerina in Swan Lake.

Natalie Portman's make up for new film Black Swan

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