Tuesday, 28 December 2010


New years eve is nearly upon us again. It's time to dig out that dress (or just buy a new one) and get your party on! But there is one thing you can't go without this NYE and that is perfectly manicured party nails!

If this new animal print trend is anything to go by then I have a treat in store for you. Barry M, the renowned cosmetics compay, has now created the ultimate triumph in nail varnishes and have brought you the "cracking" nail varnish.

I managed to get hold of the high demand nail vanish and created a party look for you all. So what do I mean by cracking you might ask...? Find out in my how to get NYE party nails below:-

Step one: Make sure you have clean hands to start with and clean nails. Moisturise hands and nails using a rich hand cream, try either a sanctury or a neutrogena hand moisturiser.

Step two: Push back all the cuticles and file nails into a square oval shape. However, if you want to try something different, go a bit more edgy, Rihanna style and make your nails more pointed. Not razor sharp though- we're thinking sexy here not scary.

Step three: Once you have moisturised and filed your nails, you are ready to go. This look does work best on longer nails with larger surface area because there is so much going on on the nails; but you can always buy fake nails and paint on the design on them too!

Step four: Paint on a thick coat of silver nail varnish. I've gone for silver because metallics always scream party! Gold works just as well though, however silver is more NYE I feel and gold is more christmassy. Anyway, once that has dried, paint on another coat, you want it to be opaque and not sheer.

Step five: Once the silver coat has dried, you are ready to use the Barry M black cracking nail varnish. When you buy it, you know its the right one becasue it has a tag around it showing the effect it gives you, but apart from that, it just looks like black nail varnish.

Step Six: Paint on a thin coat of Barry M cracking varnish over the silver layer, making sure you cover all of the nail. Try not to apply two coats otherwise the cracking process won't work as well. Then within seconds, voila! You should have the perfect print on your nails. It should create an animal print effect, revealing most of the silver underneath!

Step seven: Put on that LBD and work your NYE nails!

Festive wishes from Miss V and a happy New Year! x

Photography and nail art by Miss V. (Vivacious V copyright)


  1. Love the Barry M Nail Effects. On short nails over gold it looks like leopard print. It's fab. xxx

  2. Yeh it's so good isn't it!? yeh I've tried the gold before, looks kwl xxx