Monday, 26 July 2010

Ri Ri gone a cut too far?

Ri Ri's hair has caused a stir all over the world, from the moment she turned to the good girl gone bad black bob in her umbrella video to the iconic short and shaved style that she has made famous worldwide today.
Rihanna rocked the half a head of jet black hair in her Disturbia video and caused controversy all over the world, some were shocked by the singer's bold hair cut change whilst others were already in the salon queue to get their "Ri Ri cut".

She's managed to pull it all off but has she taken it too far with the vibrant red shaven crop that she debuted at the "Rock in Rio" festival in Arganda del Rey, Spain? At first I thought this was the case but this is Rihanna, I'm sure she'll find some way to work it and I think the new cut is growing on me, let me know what you think about the star's eminent hairstyles (below), either post a comment or vote on which of her hairstyles you think were the best.

Rihanna's Hairstyles

Rihanna's iconic sleek bob for her Umbrella video

Rihanna's brave shaven hairstyle debut.

The black and blonde curly crop.

The blonde sweeping shaven look that Ri Ri

sported in her Russian Roulette video.

The swept back, textured, blonde shaven crop.

The super curly "Rudeboy" look, I like this one a lot.

Her most recent look for 2010- the brilliant red shaven crop.

To check out Rihanna's summer hit Rudeboy follow the link...!

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