Wednesday, 28 July 2010

I ♥ U 4EVA

What do people regard as romantic these days? 10 kisses at the end of a text as opposed to the usual 3? A love heart put in an email? It seems that our idea of romance has severely changed these days or, perhaps we realise what true romance is but we push it aside in our laziness. The Internet and our need for instant access to information today gets in the way of our romantic ideals and ever developing technology provides even more ways to hide away from being truly romantic.

Whatever is to blame, it’s clear that romance today is not what it once was. Don’t get me wrong there are still plenty of romantic people out there that thrive on spontaneity, but the majority of people are simply too busy for romance; at least that’s the excuse they use anyway.

What happened to love letters and the valiant white knight racing for miles to get to his princess? A stupid fantasy you might say but if anything, it was the effort that was taken to do these things that was so romantic. And what do we have now? A quick text or a speedy chat on facebook? It’s lazy and not as special in some ways.

To a certain extent, we do have to move with the times and the internet is part of our world now. It is one of the quickest and cheapest forms of communication but it doesn’t quite cut it when it comes to romancing the one you desire or love.

The Victorians were renowned for writing love letters and even today, letters have been found from the past; that’s what makes them so precious because they are something that can be kept. If social networking continues however, what will we have to show in the future? Emails?

Handwritten letters reveal passion and a vast array of other emotions whereas emails and emoticons ( an artificial way of expressing emotion) are not as personal. And not just this but emails are not so easily as kept as letters- they are less likely to last.

I am not saying stop all contact over the internet and through texting, but just because we can take 2 minutes to text someone instead of going to see them in person or calling them, doesn’t mean we have to. If it is physically possible to do this then why not do it? Take someone by surprise! Don’t let laziness get in the way of romance, lets bring romance back.

Lets use our imaginations because we are much more likely to be happier after making a little more effort, it arouses a greater sense of achievement surely? Next time you reach for the takeaway to take home, reach for the bunch of red roses instead, she’ll appreciate these a whole lot more! Don’t take the easy route, keep the passion flowing, you’ll be glad you made the effort!

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