Sunday, 11 March 2012

Fierce Fight Back

It happens to the best of us in life; certain things can put you on a complete downer. It may be the smallest thing, but like a positive vibe from someone can put you in the best of moods, negative energy can have the opposite effect. Before you know it, other’s own insecurities and problems can be projected on to you in a negative way and in an attempt to make you feel as bad as they feel about themselves. Oddly, it seems to give them some strange self esteem boost but I prefer to lift my spirits in a different (more normal and moral) way, without taking people down along the way. Not my style, ya know? When times are hard and you’ve been put down for whatever reason hit back hard and make like Beyonce with some fierce fashion. In the words of Kanye... take this- Haters.

Check these baby’s out for some fierce fight back! Steve Madden has designed these unbelievable crazy Aztec print wedges and they are available exclusively in New Look! I think these will sell like hot cakes, similar to the in demand Versace for H and M line scenario, squished like sardines on Oxford street ring any bells? Yeh, you get the drift... However, you will be standing tall in these beauties and all those troubles will melt away when you see how long your legs look! These incredible shoes are worth queuing for, and I will be first in line!

I predict... a fierce fashion trend! This hand jewellery has entered our shops and will be everywhere by the summer. Although this trend isn’t for the faint hearted, those that like to push the boundaries with their style will love these. They come in all different kinds of designs but this one (see pic) from Miss Selfridge stood out from the rest. Team with an all black outfit and make your statement with this magical piece.

Feeling extra fiery? Now’s the time to finally get that colour dip dye you’ve been contemplating for so long. We’re not talking blonde... we’re talking blue! Perhaps there is a time and a place for this crazy hair trend but if you’re in any kind of fashion, beauty or entertainment business, you’ve got the perfect excuse to have this hairstyle whilst working anyway. So take the plunge, I’m loving the blue and pink on the tips of the hair, it’s got to be done properly and with this trend and the colour, less is more. But, do this right? And you’ll be looking like one fierce fashionista with guts aplenty. Knock em dead.

If all else fails, re-vamp your make-up look. The latest thing to experiment with in beauty at the moment are lip foils. Shine, brilliant colour and amplified volume for the lips all in one. Try the bright gold and look like a boss or go a shade cooler and more adventurous with blue or silver. These will be amazing for clubbing and you will not go un noticed. Most salons will apply them for you to try them, so go into your local one and see how you like them.

Hopefully this has lifted your spirits and given you a little fierce inspiration to keep you up there and on top of things. And if people try to crush your spirits again, squash them with your Steve Maddens! Positive vibes people!

Miss V x

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