Sunday, 4 March 2012

Spring Vibes

March is upon us and as far as I’m concerned, winter is over and we’re in the spring! I almost felt summery on 1st march as it was so sunny and warm, but one thing at a time, spring first!

Spring is great, daffodils, Easter... my birthday! and a chance to crawl out of hibernation and into the fresh air and blossoming trees. What a lovely picture I just painted... but really, you know what I’m going to be especially excited about, that’s right- the clothes!

I have to say, the spring trends in the shops at the moment are en point and have completely stolen the spotlight off the winter items. Dare I say it... these spring trends will emerge and survive throughout the summer too!

We’re seeing swathes of primary coloured fabrics. Royal blue, bright spring green (aptly named) and beautiful sunflower yellow. These colours are punchy and pretty at the same time. As if it couldn’t get any better, the shapes are feminine and very 50’s, perfect for girls with a shapely figure, and if not, they create a shapelier figure for you.

We’ve also got the pastels thrown into the mix, which again, I didn’t imagine choosing over the brights, but I have been won over. I’m in love with the minty green colour which is everywhere at the moment. Think delicate ice cream colours and afternoon teas and you will have the perfect palette and ambience set for the pastel trend this spring. Flirty, feminine floaty and fun are the words for Spring this year.

As if the above trends weren’t enough to feast your eyes on, the Versace-esque design has taken the shops by storm and is another thing on my wish list. You will find this print in leggings, dresses, bags and even shoes; so you won't have to look far to get hold of this trend in some shape or form.

Here are the pick of the best essentials for the spring season and maybe one or two of them are my latest personal purchases I couldn’t resist... My Spring mood board (below) will give you an idea of the colours and essential items that are in this season.

The good news is, is that this time around, look no further than the high street for these steals. H and M, New Look and even Primark are filled with the latest quality spring trends for great prices. The new trends have definitely brought back the excitement into shopping again that seemed to be lacking during the winter, and pretty is back. Women can look like women again (thank god) and ditch the masculine teddy boy look. Bring on the Spring Vibes!

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