Sunday, 29 August 2010

Dance Extravaganza- Step Up 3D!

Ok since I’ve been raving about Step Up 3D ever since it came out, I feel it’s only fair to get it out of my system one last time and give it a lil’ review on my blog!

I love dancing and all the Step Up films so I was excited to see that the 3rd one was out and in 3D too!

Normally I’m not really a fan of the 3D films, anyone else get the weird eye feeling when you’re watching them? I think the last 3D film I went to see was UP and we all ended up taking our glasses off by the middle of the film because we couldn’t hack the 3D.....

However, this film is not like that, if there was any film to go see in 3D- it’s this film; it really makes the dancing come to life, especially when they jump out in front of you!

I confess I’ve seen the film three times, with different people, but I agreed to go with each lot of people again willingly because I loved it so much!

This film from the Step Up saga takes on from Step Up 2 the Streets, directed by Jon Chu, featuring mainly street dancing. So if you’re a hip hop/ RnB lover like me then you are in for a treat music- wise. The soundtrack features great songs to dance to such as T-pain- Take your shirt off, Wale feat Lady Gaga- Chillin’ and Flo-rida and David Guetta’s recent hit- Club can’t handle me.

So the music really grabs your attention but it’s the dancing that is unbelievably amazing! I am always hoping to see something new and inspiring since there are so many street dance movies nowadays with the “I believe we can do it” storyline and similar choreography.

Step up 3d however, set in New York, definitely brings something new to the table. I was literally amazed by the dancing and astonishingly, I did get that feel good feeling when I walked out of the cinema- no word of a lie. Believe me, I’m not a fan of cheesy films as my friends will tell you so I seldom say things like that.

The story features the usual boy meets girl, boy and girl fall in love mixed with a few complications in between and a bit of “I believe in us” spirit; but unlike the other films, the focus didn’t seem to be on the relationship. I am glad to say the focus of the film is on the fierce dancing- it’s so good you can’t take your eyes off it.

Although “Luke” the lead character (Rick Malambri) provided us with a good show and eye candy a plenty, he didn’t really dance a lot in the film apart from in the impressive tango scene.

I would have to say “Mouse” (Adam. G. Sevani) was the star of the show, especially in the water scene in the battle of Gwai. He has a Michael Jackson-esque style of dancing and he was truly outstanding in the film.

Having said that, “Kid Darkness” (Daniel Campos, a.k.a Cloud) even gave “Mouse” a run for his money. Although, he was part of the House of Samurai, (the rival team against the good team: the Pirates) it can’t be denied that he was by far the best dancer in the whole film. He definitely grabs people’s attention in the opening mini dance off scene against Mouse with all his flips, incredible strength and speed.

Having been sure I had seen him somewhere before, it turns out he is the dancer out of Shakira’s “Did it again” video as well as being one of Madonna’s backing dancers. I’ve got no doubt he is going to go far in the world of dance and I look forward to seeing more!

Also guys, keep a look out for the Robot man, his slow motion movements make him a believable robot and the Fred Astaire style dance scene with” Mouse” and his best friend Camille (Alyson Stoner) is really cute and pleasing to watch.

So all in all, the 3D effects are great and separate this film from the others. The storyline keeps you watching and the dancing is awe-inspiring. If you haven’t all ready seen it, go see it and if you have- go see it again! It’ made me want to dance again, so I’m off to find my nearest dance studio!


  1. thanks for this review

    I may have to go see this now :)

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  2. Ahh great! No problem haha it's a great film, especially if ur into dance, let me know what you think :) P.s liking ur blog :)