Sunday, 5 September 2010

How to be fashion savvy this Winter

So I am never normally one for embracing Winter and it may not be the end of Summer just yet. But, for some of us, there are no more hot holidays to be had, there’s certainly no hot weather in England and we’re in that irritating in between seasons stage. So why not get prepared for Winter?

I for one am not a big fan of Winter- its cold, its wet and it means covering up a perfectly good outfit with coats etc. However, any fashion girls or boys out there know that the Autumn/Winter collections are upon us now on the catwalks and this year I’ve got quite excited with all the winter treats to be had!

So I’ve set out a lil’ how to get Winter savvy prep list, starting now for all those people out there like me; that either don’t live abroad in a hot country or that are feeling that summer is gone so why not embrace winter?

TGFF I say (thank god for fashion). We don’t have to be depressed about the end of hot days we can look forward to wearing amazing Winter clothes. I say out with the old and in with the new, get over being miserable about the end of summer and get ready to embrace this new season.

Why be fed up when you can be fashionable!

So here we go...

♥ Invest in a good pair of Jeans. They are an essential for winter and can be worn with nearly everything and for almost every occasion, if worn in the right way. Although its effort finding the right pair, you’ll thank yourself for it come mid winter when you’re warm and looking slick in your perfect pair. Black military style jeans will be big this winter and black, being a neutral, goes with everything.

♥ So what better to go with your jeans than a gorgeous coat? There are so many to choose from this Winter, I’m not sure which one to go for. I would have one of each but to avoid breaking the bank, I think I’ll go with the classic black trench coat.

However, I’m sure it hasn’t escaped all you Fashionista’s attention that the Aviator jacket with the fur (faux fur of course) collar is BIG news this winter.
It’s not my first choice, but I have been known to say that about Harim trousers and eventually gave in to them so who knows. For those of you Aviator jacket fans out there, I spotted a great one in Zara the other day....

Capes are also oh so in this Winter and I’ve got my eye out for one of these too!

♥ Get a Haircut! Hair can get dry and brittle in the cold, just as it can by the end of the summer from all the heat, chlorine and sea water. So now, in this seasonal transition period, it’s the perfect time to cut off any split/dead ends and start a fresh. A deep conditioner wouldn't go a miss either. Then by Winter, it will be in better condition, not worse and you can start as you mean to go on.

♥ “Apple bottom jeans, Boots with the fur!” Ok Flo-rida, apple bottom jeans not necessarily, but boots with the fur? YES: Massive this winter! I already have my pair lined up and have been swooning over them for a while now. New Look is kindly looking after them for me until my student loan comes through and boy I cannot wait!

The key pair of boots this season are platform, leather and chunky, with bigs buckles and straps. However, to suit the lavish Aviator jacket trend, these boots have a little folding over of fur (again faux fur) at the top (see above right image). They are like little santa boots, but fashionable! I predict these will be everywhere by mid winter, you just have to find the right pair!

I’m also debating on whether to venture into the biker boots territory. These boots are scary and kind of ugly, but cool at the same time? Yes, it's possible. They can look very good with the right thing, not to mention they are practical and winter weather worthy! So I may just keep my eye out for a pair of them, they are growing on me, I think more people will be willing to try them out this year.

Oh, I almost forgot, velvet boots are looking cute this winter, especially the cherry red ones, also from New Look; see what I mean about too many to choose from?

♥ Finally, invest in a good lipstick. A moisturising one is the best in winter to keep your lips looking luscious, but colour wise, I think you have an excuse to wear a berry coloured one! It’s easier to get away with darker colours in winter, make-up wise, so why not give it a go? Not to mention, your lips look sultry and fruity at the same time! If not berry, go for red, always looks sophisticated, just watch the lipstick on the teeth scenario.

So I hope this has swept your winter blues away and got you excited for the new season, yes its autumn first, but Winter is the one to look out for! Happy clothes hunting...

Miss V x


  1. I am in LOVE with those boots they look so much like Burberry and are a fraction of the price. such a good buy. x

  2. I know the feeling- they do... and they are AMAZING aren't they?!! Thanks for reading, I'm liking your blog, d'you have Twitter? x