Thursday, 16 September 2010

An Event to Remember

Events are always fantastic; celebrations with a combination of Fashion and Music, what better? However, it’s a slightly different story when you are working at the event rather than sipping cocktails all night long.

It didn’t’ stop my excitement though upon arrival at the Mandeville Hotel in London, when I was ready to assist at the annual Aruna Seth Designer shoe event. Having been interning at Aruna Seth shoes this summer, I was thrilled to be invited to help out at the event.

As soon as I got through the door of the lavish hotel, it was all hands on deck to prepare for the night’s event. In no time at all, I had obtained a makeshift office out of the exquisite dining room table and chair I was sitting at, as you do. Careful not to move any of the beautifully laid out cutlery arrangements, I hastily edited some business cards.

However, despite some weary looks off the waiters; I soon had to move a few glasses around due to all the stationary and rising pile of Aruna Seth leaflets stacking up- what’s a girl to do?

Then we had the tempting task of packing the goody bags with lots of treats including Olga Berg purses, Make Believe Fake tan, Max Benjamin scented candles and Orly nail varnishes!

Before long, it was time get to changed into something more soiree and pop on some of the Aruna heels- I was thrilled I got to wear the butterfly platform heels! Not only do I love butterflies (sparkly butterflies= even better!) but the shoes just happened to go perfectly with my outfit!

Rocking the LBD, the butterfly platforms and the Aruna Swarovski butterfly brooch, I was all set to go for the event! Black and sparkly silver is always a nice combo...

The event took place in the Mandeville Bar, a perfect venue for such an occasion. Lavish glass doors, magnificent paintings in extravagant frames and the impressive illuminated glass bar. I couldn’t wait for the guests to arrive...

Come seven o clock, I had secured my position by the shoe displays ready for the inquisitive guests. The photographers got a few pictures of the shoes (...and us!) and “Ooo Wee” by Mark Ronson started playing, setting the scene for an exciting night.

I enjoyed chatting to the guests and informing them about the beautiful shoes, especially the ones that I was wearing after people spotting them. However, I can’t deny that I would have liked to be socialising with them all! Yet, it was still an honour to speak to interesting people at the event.

And despite working there that night, I was pleased that people still had the courtesy to shake hands and introduce themselves to me, top points for good manners; especially in the world of fashion as that’s not always the case.

There were a few recognisable faces there too. Apprentice fans would have noticed Raef and Kate Walsh- who is now a 5 News presenter. Imogen Thomas from Big Brother also made an appearance amongst lots of friendly fashion acquaintances.

Undoubtedly there were lots of arty enthusiasts mingling at the event too, since there was also celebrity art by Terry ONeil on display. Marylyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn portraits were just a few of the iconic photographs on show.

It soon became really packed and I was finding it hard to move in between people but I was glad that everyone was clearly enjoying themselves and more importantly, enjoying the shoes!

I did get an urge to be dancing and drinking with everyone; they were playing great music, but I thought it best to maintain a professional attitude!

As the night grew to a successful close, we packed up the shoes and when everything was packed up, I was touched that Aruna gave us each our Swarovski butterfly brooches to keep.

I was also equally elated to take home one of the delicious goody bags! And I was lucky enough to find an Olga Berg black velvet clutch inside mine! This will be perfect for up and coming nights out nights out!

Overall, it was a fantastic event, the shoes went down a treat and I will always have my crystal butterfly as a memento.
Miss V x
Photos: Top right- Aruna and I. Second Right- Goody Bags. Third Right- Kate Walsh, Raef and Aruna (Aruna Seth photos facebook). Bottom Right- Intern girls and I at the Aruna Seth event, Mandeville Hotel, London.

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