Saturday, 25 September 2010

La Nuit de la Mode- C'était Formidable!

Last night, I had the grand privilege of going to the “La Nuit de la Mode” event to celebrate the end of London Fashion week. Fashion week is always an exciting time but with this event being in such a fantastic venue and location- Molton House on South Molton street; I knew I was in for a treat.

The show, set up by Natalie Robinson, founder of the highly successful Style Icon website, showcased several outstanding collections: Nicolina and Epoque to name but a few provided me with a wonderful sight to see. Endzone Image makeup artists were also at the event doing a fantastic job, even giving free makeovers!

As soon as I entered Molton House, I got a taste of the lavish environment and electric atmosphere through the pink spotlighted stairs that led down to the main showcase. All around me were mirrors, sophisticated cornered seating areas and warm lighting. The room had a slight disco feel to it, it was the perfect venue for such an occasion bringing both glamour and relaxation to the evening.

In no time at all, I was sipping bubbly champagne with the MRH team and I was excited to see what the Style Icon crafted fashion show had in store.

Whilst I was there, I caught up with Natalie, the lady who set up the fantastic event. As well as being the founder of Style Icon, Natalie is also an “A” list celeb stylist. With this in mind, I wanted to find out who her style icons are, she told me: “I love Gywneth Paltrow’s style because she is edgy and elegant at the same time and Audrey Hepburn because she’s classic.”
Natalie (see Natalie and I in the image to the right) has undoubtedly had many styling accomplishments so far but the one that beats the rest was when she found a dress for a celebrity (who wishes to remain anonymous) for the Oscars. Natalie concurs: “This lady was physically impaired but I found her a dress that fitted her like a glove, she felt confident and looked fantastic in it. That to me is really satisfying”.

After an interesting interview with the lovely Natalie, I moved on to meet the dynamic duo: Semone Ballin and Melanie Leonard. These two makeup artists from Endzone Image fascinated me when they told me how they got their big break on their own, without contacts, through sheer determination. I found this highly inspiring.

Melanie told me: “We set up on our own, made our own portfolios without the help of a makeup degree”. Their hard work has clearly paid off, since then they have worked at the MOBO awards, for GMTV’s Lorraine Kelly’s style awards and their latest project Semone divulged, is a “collaboration within the music industry”, where the duo “recently worked on Aggro Santos’ new music video to his song Stamina”. I, for one, can’t wait to see what this looks like! (See image right with Melanie, myself and Semone).

It was then time for the pièce de résistance of the night – the fashion show! The catwalk, being round, with a mirrored pillar in its centre, made for an interesting and unique show. And, the designs that were coming out were even better. The Nicolina shoes were worn with every outfit and added a touch of elegance to each design. I loved the backless dresses on show by Epoque, a lot of them had fine chain detail on the back too, which added an edginess to the glamorous look.

Velvet is obviously very much in this winter, since there was so much of it on the catwalk; especially, the cherry red shade which I adore. Ruffles on fitted shirts were also another trend to spot. However, the “out there” PVC dresses I wasn’t such a fan of. I appreciate the designer’s fearlessness in trying to create something edgy but… I can’t see these designs being worn in real life. I felt that the PVC ruined a perfectly beautiful dress; however, it was something different and interesting to look at.

Overall, the “La Nuit de la Mode” event was fantastic. It was great to meet so many inspiring people and wonderful to see such interesting designs in such a chic location. Top marks for “La Nuit de la Mode” and bravo to Natalie at Style Icon!

Miss V x

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