Monday, 13 September 2010

Get Bold with Blue: Nail Art.

I was really grateful to have a lot of positive feedback about my last nails post so I did another one for you guys! This look is not for the faint hearted but if your like me, then no colours are off limits. It's fun to experiment with colour, especially for fancy dress. But, it doesn't matter how you wear them; go bold with blue nails and an LBD or use this look to complete your fancy dress Mermaid outfit. Which ever way, rock these bold blue nails!

Want nails like these? Here's how...

Step one: As usual, make sure hands are clean and dry and moisturised! Moisturising makes such a difference with the way skin looks so it is important, make sure you do it! It doesn't matter which one you use, even Johnson's baby lotion is a perfect moisturiser and it's not costly either.

Step two: Wipe any excess moisture on the nails away as this can sometimes affect the way nail varnish sets and sticks. Then, buff and file the nails to a square oval shape and push back all the cuticles.

Step three: You now have the perfect canvas for nail painting! It is often a good idea with bold colours such as blue to paint on a clear base coat first, to avoid staining your nails. The Rimmel clear nail varnish is a good one to use because it counts as base coat and a shiny top coat too.

Step four: Once the clear nail varnish base coat is dry, you are ready to paint your blue nail varnish on! You can choose whatever shade of blue you want but I went for a bright turquoise by Orly. Paint on two coats, making sure that each coat dries before you paint on another. Once you are satisfied with the coating, proceed to step five!

Step five: Since Blue is such a bold colour to go on the nails, you don't want to over do it, hence why I only added one diamonte to each ring finger as a finishing touch on each hand (see the image above). To attach the diamonte you have two options...

Step six: You can either, add the diamonte carefully whilst the blue nail varnish is still wet and allow it to stick and then allow to dry. Or, you can wait for the nail varnish to be dry to add it and stick the diamonte on with eyelash glue. It does the trick!

Step seven: Once you are happy with the way your diamonte is sparkling on your ring finger (haha get it ;)) and you are sure it is dry and secure; you can paint on a clear top coat on each nail. This top coat also doubly secures the diamonte in place and adds a glossy shine.

And there you have it, pop on a big sparkly ring to make your nails stand out even more and you are good to go!

Photography and Nail art by Miss V (Vivacious V copyright).

Let me know what you think of this look, post a comment below!

Miss V x

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